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My Matthew!

SO, here I sit, and a FANTASTIC Friday night. Empty house, all my men away for several hours. Shooting a session here in about an hour, in the glorious weather that is upon us today. iTunes blasting as loud as my speakers will go, some of my current favorite songs, singing my little heart out and editing MY baby’s 5 year pictures we shot last night…simply because I want too ♥♥

This boy, he came into our lives and within a twinkling of a second had our hearts. I had to share a few as I sit here, staring at his adorable face! Decided to go with a super hero theme, because the “standard procedure” session thing just doesn’t work to great on a photographers kid after it’s been done 87 bazllion times. Oh and he kinda losing his focus and attention in 5 seconds, like his momma 😉 Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, folks ♥

Played with some new editing, always nice shooting my kids, I don’t are if I mess it up, so it gives me ultimate freedom. Freedom is always good for me. Can’t use this location much, so when I get too my artist heart screams a million cries of *SWEET GLORY, I LOVE IT HERE* Ha!!

Enjoy my little super hero FIVE year old. I sure am.





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