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Peek [ B, 9 months ]

Hey guys!!

Everyone staying warm since its above zero?!?! 😉 Still far to cold for me but this adorable little man is sure to warm your heart! I’m sure you will remember him as you have watched him grow along with me! He’s 9 MONTHS now! Madness, I say!

Okay, prepare yourself for a world of cute! …oh and check out his hat – dear goodness I love it!!!





Totally adorable!! I thought I would share a few real fast for ya today 🙂 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I have a busy day ahead of me so I would gather this is all the peeks for today – but I will be sure to post more  this coming week,  so stay tuned!!

xoxo ~Shellie

Erin - January 17, 2009 - 3:10 pm

Ok Shellie so I thought I loved the one with the shoe best until I got to the one of him with his blanket….it is to precious. Thanks you did a wonderful job as usual.

Jill - January 17, 2009 - 3:12 pm

LOL! I have the same hat for Jack I was thinking about bringing for his nine month pictures on Monday!!! It depends if it still fits his big head or not!

Carol - January 17, 2009 - 3:57 pm

The pictures are adorable! The first picture looks like it could be in a magazine. Very professional looking;yet very natural.

Sheila - January 17, 2009 - 4:24 pm

The pics are beautiful – I especially like the blue background with his gorgeous baby blue eyes. He looks like a little irish urchin with his cap and sweater; and the one of him in the basket is just so sweet…

Brittany - January 17, 2009 - 5:17 pm

Oh my goodness, he is so precious. Hate to tell o, but he has some competition for k’s affection. I LOVE the first picture of him with his shoe, what beautiful eyes!

sarah - January 17, 2009 - 6:20 pm

Brody is so cute!!!! to bad Mason is to big for that outfit. Erin you always have the cutest clothes for your boys. Great job on the pictures i would never be able to deciede which one to get and end up with a $1,000 bill everytime so cute!!! 🙂

sarah - January 17, 2009 - 6:26 pm

have to add one more thing. The one with him sitting in the basket needs to be entered into every baby contest out there, it is sure to win!!!

Judy Sellers - January 17, 2009 - 8:36 pm

I love the one of Brody in the basket. The hat is just so cute. He is getting so big so fast.

Jeanne - January 17, 2009 - 9:20 pm

Really cute pictures. I like the one with the blankie. and the hat is adorable.

Jaime - January 18, 2009 - 4:11 am

My favorite is Brody with his blankie too! Great job on the photos!

Cindy - January 18, 2009 - 5:36 pm

Very cute pictures. The colors look so good on him. The basket pic is my favorite!!

Ken - January 18, 2009 - 7:15 pm

Nice variety of shots…and a very nice subject.

debbie - January 18, 2009 - 9:13 pm

omg… how adorable! he looks like a little man… very very cute.

ShellieBenson - January 19, 2009 - 11:52 am

Thank you soooo much everyone!! JIll- HAHA! I hope it fits deary – that hat rocks, Mr. Jack will look ADORABLE in it!!!

ryan - January 19, 2009 - 8:33 pm

Yep my nephew is the best. good pictures

Kara May - January 19, 2009 - 11:43 pm

I just came across your blog (blog hopping) and I couldn’t resist commenting on this little guy – what a cutie! Love the second one – adorable!!

Jill Nacke - January 20, 2009 - 12:25 am

VERY adoreable pictures! I just cannot pick one that would be my favorite! The one of him looking down is so natural…but the one in the basket where you see all of him is just as precious! 🙂

Julie - January 20, 2009 - 12:26 am

I am with you about the hat…So Cute!!

Jill Kotarba - January 20, 2009 - 10:48 am

Cutie patootie! Thanks for sharing.

Michele - January 20, 2009 - 11:18 am

So cute! These are great pictures. I’m with Mom, I can’t believe he’s that big already!

Casey - January 20, 2009 - 2:42 pm

The shoe, the blanket, all of them are adorable as usual!

Austin Chapin - January 20, 2009 - 4:53 pm

Brody is so cute!!!! I like that shoe in his mouth.

sylvia - January 20, 2009 - 6:52 pm

Oh man, what a darling little man! they are all so gorgeous! How will mom pick a favorite?

Sandy - January 20, 2009 - 11:59 pm

The hat, the sweater, the shoes – what a snappy dresser!! He is so cute!! Great job no capturing his cute features and sweet face!!

Traci Quin - January 21, 2009 - 12:47 am

Oh my goodness, are these fantastic or what???? I LOVE his hat so much…if his mama is on here, let me know! He is just adorable and the pics are amazing! Nice work Shellie!

Traci Quin - January 21, 2009 - 12:49 am

I meant to say “let me know where you got the hat!!” Ooops!

Erin - January 21, 2009 - 12:17 pm

Thanks for the sweet comments Traci, I got the hat at Gap…I love it!

Rachael - January 21, 2009 - 2:20 pm

I LOVE the one with his hat on and he’s looking down – you should enter that one in a contest!

Brian Clark - January 21, 2009 - 8:24 pm

What a handsome dude! Can’t believe he is already 9 months..

Paul Sellers - January 22, 2009 - 12:07 am

Cute pictures. He is a handsome guy. I like the third picture the best.

Becky - January 22, 2009 - 4:33 pm

Just dropping by to say the hat pictures are adorable!!! great job once again shellie!! Of course they are all great…he’s a cutie!!

Reily W - January 22, 2009 - 9:12 pm

Man, your cute! Too bad your my cousin…I’d be going for ya!

Rach - January 22, 2009 - 9:16 pm

I should have Shellie take Logan and Reily’s pic…next time I’m in Morton!

Sharon S - January 25, 2009 - 12:18 pm

Wow… what a combination! A beautiful baby with a great photographer… these photos are AWESOME!!!

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