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Miss Lucy

Sometimes, Miss Shellie just needs a cute girl, some balloons and a vintage crib 😉 Had me some fun with this perfect angel face!!!

SO Super grateful for my amazing people (Leslie!) who never hesitate to bring me their amazing children when requested! ….next photog whim involves a grown-up 😉

Enjoy her toddler old goodness in all it’s glory!!




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I’m not worthy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

Smile, it’s Monday!

  Happy Monday!!!!!

     Went shooting with a friend this past weekend, just for the heck of it. One of my favorite things to do ♥ It was awesome to have a partner in crime this time! Here are some faves because Mondays deserve pretty things, right?! 😉 Hope everyone has an awesome day!!





Summer Deals!!! { June and July 2015 }

HEY guys!

Okay, so it’s been nuts around here. We will just say that. It’s in a good way, but crazzzzzzy nonetheless! SO I decided it would be best to Blog a few things about the next couple months, and announce the new Deals going on right now!! They are a couple days late, but cover 2 months time, so we have some wiggle room! Here they are, and for FULL details on what is included with the STUDIO DEAL plan…it’s all in the Shoppe when you log in and click on Baby Plans! ….but you get FIVE sessions, 5 prints, a 5×7 tin and wallet tin aaaaaaaaaaaaaand digital images with each session – HOLLA! such a fun deal, but it’s only lasting June and July so if you like it, grab it now before it’s gone. I can’t promise it will ever be offered again! Will just depend on popularity and well, time. HA!

ALSO, I’m on vacation Starting JUNE 24th, all the way through July 6th, 2015, I’ll be back July 7th!  ….However, if you have a newborn due don’t stress, I will SHOOT around vacation plans, but editing will be on hold until I’m back at it July 7th!

Also, HIGHLY considering round one of FALL BARN mini sessions the last Saturday in August…August 29th. For 2 reasons! You know I loooove Barn Mini sessions and this year we have corn around the barn, I want that in our images! Plus it gives us more wiggle room for raindates because you all know how Fall is crazy busy. SO if you guys are considering a BARN MINI SESSION this year, you might wanna get with me for the 29th, as there will be limited spots! ($200-$300 exactly like 2014 if you came out!)

Anywho, here are the deals and thanks all for being SO awesome! xoxo!! ~Shell




An amazing family! ♥

Hey guys!

So you all know, newborns, babies and children are my *thing*, but last weekend I had the honor of working with an awesome family! They had family in town and it just all ended up working out perfectly for me to be able to shoot for them! I’m so sentimental, I completely understand how important these memories are, not to mention how rare they are an option as our families grow and expand ♥♥♥.  They were nothing short of amazing to work with. Everyone was so kind and so easy to work with, it truly was my pleasure!

I always try and narrow it down to 4 for a preview, but it was impossible so I got it to SIX, so that’s pretty close!! When so many people are involved I wanted to show a little bit of everything, but save SOME as a surprise for the gallery! Hope you guys like your little preview…there are SO many more to come!!

(BTW, The group shots were AWESOME, but it was impossible to make them square crop without cutting some people out, so those will be a surprise 😉 )

Hope you guys have a great week!! ~Shellie



Aban Rao - June 6, 2015 - 5:21 pm

Shellie, I love, love, love the preview shots. You are such an incredible photographer. Cannot wait to see all the shots. Thank you so much for taking us in on a Sunday. Aban

Jamie - June 6, 2015 - 7:24 pm

The pictures are amazing!

Sharon - June 7, 2015 - 12:42 pm

The pictures look great. They are wonderful memories for your family.

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