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Well today is GORGEOUS!! Completely opposite of yesterday, and I’ve had the best day I’ve had all week…SO THANKFUL! It’s been one of *those* weeks, peeps. You know, when all the things that can go wrong, do? Yeah. Well, today has been a bazillion times better, got a surprise, got to get out and enjoy some of this beauuuuutiful sunshine we have, got just a handful of happy things which have all been so very nice and MUCH needed! ANNND I have been editing this sweet perfect boys face, too! I was going to take a new picture to post, but I decided to just share this one instead, and his momma can enjoy, too!

Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous day, too!!!

xoxo, Shell

IMG_5649 - March 29, 2016 - 11:23 am

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 Anyone else? Oh boy, this gloomy winter day, combined with no sleep last night (for no reason? Lovely) Has just made this day very long and slooooooow. This girl was made for brighter days! 😉 Nothing new today, and I nearly forgot I needed to post, so only another goodie from Pinterest. Lame, but I’m just not feelin’ it today! Meh, it happens.

Hope your day was brighter than mine!

xoxo, Shell




This is as real as it gets, peeps. Today I looked at my list of work things, and was enjoying the peace as my 4 1/2 year old slept in, and then suddenly he was awake. These are the things I want to get better about shooting and blogging. Things that sometimes can be um, trying – but seriously moments I treasure the most and always will. SO many moments of my office days look like this…a giant man child talking 500 mph, taking over the majority of my office chair as I try and work. Today I was feeling a little impatient and exhausted from the lack of quiet and that’s when I looked over at my camera sitting on my desk to the right of me and knew I needed to grab it. He might stop doing this in a week, or a few months, or heck maybe even tomorrow. The thought of that makes my momma heart weepy. Took away the frustration pretty quickly, I will say. One day I’m going to be sitting around in my perfectly clean, extremely quiet house, and wish for these moments to return. So today, I’ll embrace the chaos ♥

Accompany these with the sounds of:

“Mom, do you see this?”

“Mom, do you like the kitty cat music the best?”

“Mom, I love you” (while reaching up and giving me a kiss on the cheek)

“Mom, did you know my blood is really BLUE, look at my arms”

“Mom, sorry, I need more space,  please don’t move or my computer will fall down on the floor”

…and about 700 more “mom, look” 😉


xoxo ~Shell


Still in my zone of showing personal images! I forgot a took these of my boys last June. We got so many great ones, love these guys for putting up with my whims on beautiful days!

xoxo ~Shell


any some “Pinterest happy”…because, well – happy is good ♥


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